Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teneriffe Lace forum!!! Time for more to learn Teneriffe Lace!!!

It is GREAT news that Intatters, an online group for those who make lace by tatting, has added a forum to their site specifically dedicated to Teneriffe lace!!! The forum can be found HERE.

I wrote before about Teneriffe lace and it gets a lot of hits. You can find the previous posts HERE and HERE

There are a few links to websites with information about Teneriffe lace on my sidebar- check them out if you are interested. The forms I learned to make Teneriffe on are available at the Snogoose link. I found another type of "form" which will also work, called a "needlelace loom",  at Hand Dyed Fibers. There are also instructions (from the wonderful Vikki Clayton of HDF) on how to use the loom.

There are quite a few very old books available around the Internet for download, as they are out of copyright. There are two good books specifically about Teneriffe Lace, by Jules Kliot and by Alexandra Stillwell. There is good information in Therese de Dillmont's book.

Teneriffe is a beautiful and delicate form of lace. It is not difficult. I hope this information, and the ability to compare notes on the new forum at Intatters, will get more people interested in this special lace!

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