Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tatting- one success, one failure

So, I have two pieces of tatting to show. I can't say "show off" because one is a failure. DARN!!!!

The piece above in black and red variegated Finca #12 is Kersti's Stumpy pattern. I got to the very end before I realized that I had missed the VERY LAST join!!! Then, when I was going to just leave it like that, I could not figure out what to do with the last little chain. So, into the discards box it goes.
The cross is a pattern I found from Becky Dempsey that was an online freebie. It is also done in #12 Finca. This one WORKED! It still needs to have the ends dealt with, and I have to wash, startch and straighten it out, but it is done and it is right! It also was a good lesson- I have been miscounting my picots, which gives it that slight curve. The curve should be fixable with the washing and starching.

So, at least I am back on the 25 motif challenge bandwagon. These are motifs #6 and #7. The likelihood that I will ever get 25 pieces of tatting done in a year is slim, but what the heck- it is fun trying.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Despite the number of times I've tatted Stumpy, I have missed that last join also. It just happens sometimes! I love the color you chose, even though it didn't turn out.

I like the cross pattern. Wouldn't it be pretty in variegated thread?

Sharon said...

Rather than discarding Stumpy, join the chain at the base of the cloverleaf and with a mtaching colour thread, tie the picots together. Most people won't even see the difference.