Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quiet time at the shore starts

So, here's what has been, happily, keeping me away from my blog and lots of other things for the last several weeks.

DH has retired from his summer job. For the first time since 6th grade, he has the summer off. We were a little worried (some friends had a pool going with the highest over/under at 11 days before I killed him, lol) about being together 24/7 for the first time for an extended period. 

Well, it was 31 days and we LOVED it. Retirement looks soooo much better now- although it always looked good!

DH, for the first time since I've known him, really learned to relax and slow down. Not that we were totally lazy or anything, but we moved slowly, did restful things like reading a lot, went out to lunch, went to the beach and swam, took long walks in the evening (until this weather arrived- have you seen the picture floating around the Internet of the sign "Satan called- he wants his weather back!"?) and generally just enjoyed being peaceful and together!

The above picture is pretty typical of an afternoon or evening here in the last month.

Now he is off for an adventure. He flies out tonight to go west to meet up with 2 friends from high school. They are going to drive back across the country, doing whatever they feel like, seeing lots of new places, and making a stop in the midwest to meet up with still another high school friend. I hope they have a wonderful trip, but after more than a month, I will miss having him here.

For me, the time will be spent continuing to sleep a lot, stitching on a Round Robin piece, continuing to read voraciously, some visits with family on LBI, and just generally getting stronger and rested. 

A little more than 2 weeks here are left, then 2 days at home before I fly to FLorida to spend time with Auntie. DH and DS will meet me in FLorida the following week for our annual pilgrimage to Disney World. By the time we get home, there will only be a week until Labor Day and back to school.

The time until Labor Day is fortunately filled with fun and good times.

So, I might finally get around to the housekeeping I've been wanting to do here on the blog, and I might get some more posts up. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer- I sure am!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Time to Reorganize

So, I've been away for a while. Getting through the end of a very tough school, and personal, year and then getting ready to get to the shore, kept me both busy and distracted. 

My intentions are certainly to continue my blog- even if only for me; I find it, occasionally, a good form of diary to return to about past events.

But, I definitely need to do some housework around here. There are many links on the sidebar that are not really relevant to me anymore, and lots of new things that I would like to put there. 

So, look for a "new look" in the not-too-distant future. It will take a while- we are, again, "living on the porch" (see last summer posts if interested) and this summer DH is with me here, so while the pace is slow, it is generally quite full.

Hope you will like the changes!