Monday, April 6, 2009

Feeling blah

I took a class in Teneriffe lace many years ago at a stitching festival- SOCS or HOCS or CATS- cannot remember which. My memory is shot these days. I also only remember the teacher's first name- Dee- and that she was from a large stitch shop in southwestern Virginia, the name of which I also cannot recall now. I really liked the technique and the results but haven't done much with it in the intervening years except make sure I have all the available frames. I was wandering around ebay the other night and just putting in odd requests and thought of teneriffe lace and came up with this book for sale. It arrived today and I am going to spend some time later with a cup of tea (decaf at this time of day) and the book.

Work has been truly dreadful lately and I am very demoralized. I have been working at cheering myself up by planning my summer. I will be spending 4 weeks at the little house (living on the porch!) at the shore and I am thinking about which crafting stuff I want to take with me. I am definitely taking the Beatrix Potter and I am definitely taking all my Rubber Stamp Tapestry sets. These are two areas I want to spend time on- making progress on the sampler and really learning to use these wonderful stamps.

I am debating- and will, doubtless, continue to do so until its time to pack, lol!- on what else to take. I am thinking about working a lot on my coloring and just taking plenty of pre-stamped images so that I can only carry the coloring supplies. I'm sure I'll change my mind repeatedly before we actually get to the shore.

For those of you who are readers, the Maisie Dobbs books that are currently listed in "What I'm reading" on my sidebar are really interesting. Good stories, well written. They are a glimpse into the fascinating (at least to me) period between the World Wars and the massive changes occurring in England during that time. Maisie is a psychologist/detective with an unusual background that adds much to the stories. I definitely recommend the books (there is a whole series) and you can go to the writer's website by clicking on the book picture on the sidebar.

Remember the old Dunkin Donuts commercial? I always think of it when I say (or type) this: Time to make the dinner.

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