Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sunny Saturday after a long week

Phillies Phever is starting to take over around here. With the magic number at 2, everyone is getting ready for the playoffs- and hoping for another trip to the World Series.

That will add slightly to my weekend work- I have to dig out ALL my Phillies shirts and get them washed and ready to wear.

Other weekend work includes the continuation of the seasonal clothing changeover- an ongoing job that is hampered by the crazy weather we've been having. I also have to get all the info I've got marked on several sets of class lists transferred into my finally-set-up paper grade book and into the online grade book. There's also laundry, stuff around the house- the usual. The Eagles play tomorrow but I'm not sure how much of a distraction that will be.

While I am starting (JUST starting) to feel a little more comfortable with the schedule at the new school, it is still leaving me exhausted all the time. Today I slept until 12:30 and that was after taking a nap when I got home from school yesterday.

I haven't yet found any time to do any actual stitching or tatting or crafting, but at least I've been reading my favorite blogs and boards about them when I'm too tired to actually do them but am awake enough to read. My LNS (local needlework shop- which is NOT really local since it is more than an hour away) has been posting pictures of some of the new designs from the St. Charles Market- and there are LOTS of wonderful new things to stitch. BUT....NOT for me- I am NOT going to buy anything new (except, of course, Chatelaine's German Christmas Market) until I use up some things from my stash! (Yeah- we'll see how long *that* resolve lasts, lol!)

Time to go put in a load of laundry. Then, I think, since it is SUCH a beautiful day, that I will work on my grade book on the patio and enjoy the sunshine.

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denise said...

I agree about clothes versus weather. Today I think it hit 80 here in Maine at the end of September! It's 75 right now...who knows how to dress???