Thursday, September 23, 2010

New design from Chatelaine- GORGEOUS!!!

So, I swore I was not going to buy anymore charts, fabrics, supplies, ANYTHING, until I finished a couple of the needlework pieces I have currently in the works.

That resolve went right out the window when I saw this!

This is Chatelaine (Martina Rosenberg)'s new Christmas design. The way it looks on black fabric totally blew me away, so it is already ordered. So much for my resolution.

If you want to check out more information about this you can look HERE on Facebook, or HERE on her forums group.

This will be offered as part of an online class that begins in November 2010 and ends October 2011. I know that I will fall far behind the other stitchers in keeping up with this, but I just MUST have this design! Now, to find the perfect black fabric!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

That is gorgeous! I can see why you couldn't resist it!

Etha said...

You are going to be stitching on BLACK?!!
its very pretty but I can hold back LOL, I KNOW my eyes won't do that one ;)

Shirley said...

Gad, you and I are in the same boat it seems, :-), I am cleaning out to prepare for selling in the spring and I found even more needlework not finished, some not started. I am donating to Salvation Army maybe. LOLOL Mostly crewel stuff.

Failed to mention I am in love with this piece too!