Monday, September 27, 2010

Annual Back-to-School cold

Same thing every year- get back around the kids at school and catch a cold. Only difference this year? *I* didn't bring it home- DH did!

Started feeling sick Saturday afternoon/evening and spent Sunday resting, hoping to stave it off- no luck!

Went to school today but tomorrow, me and my Nyquil are going to spend the day in bed- hopefully that will get me back on my feet feeling somewhat human by Wednesday.

I've been on a binge of reading Georgette Heyer- and I'm really enjoying it! I hadn't read anything of hers in a while and she really is delightful! Definitely recommended if you have not tried her- she deserves her title of "Queen of the Regencies". You can learn a lot about her at the link on my sidebar.

OK- time to get back to watching the Phillies: just me and DH sharing the game and a box of tissues- how romantic is that! ;)

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denise said...

hope you are feeling better!