Thursday, June 24, 2010

Short Warning Post ;)

So, here's what happens when you use "Magic Marbles" without measuring!

I had started three very small bamboo plants after the Flower Show in early March. They were originally in a demi-tasse, a small coffee mug and a small vase. They were all outgrowing their starter pots so I decided to put the vase from the Senior Prom to good use.

Well, these "magic marbles" are supposed to expand for 4 hours. I put some in the vase, added water and 4 hours later, put the bamboo into the vase. Then, they decided to go wild!

These slippery little buggers have been expanding, falling out of the vase, sliding all over the countertop, and bouncing into the sink and onto the floor for almost 24 hours now!!! The pictures you see here have been repeated 6 times so far! Every couple hours I go into the kitchen and there are more little glowing marbles all over and the water in the vase has been all sucked up. So, I put the straying marbles in a new vase, take some more out of the bamboo vase, add more water and walk away. And 3 hours later what do I find? Yup- more marbles! EVERYWHERE! Found a bunch last night that had bounced and rolled into the dining room!
Anyone wanna guess how long this will go on????


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I've never heard of magic marbles. I'm sure I would have had a similar experience... fun! I'm going to have to check these out!

Shirley said...

I needed something light like this! LOLOLOL I think they will will continue to settle in and burst your bubbles, so to speak. LOL

Babs said...

Quite some time I think ;-) Don't trip over them

Suzanne said...

Never heard of magic marbles either, but they kind of sound like fun! At least when someone else is dealing with them....:)