Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taking a Break from Packing

Let's hope this works this time- this post is giving me LOTS of trouble!

So, I am getting ready for my incredible vacation- 6 weeks in the little house at the shore. Even with a furnished house, packing for 6 weeks is not anywhere near actually moving, but it is a lot of work- the most important thing being figuring out what you NEED to take. Clothes, personal stuff, kitchen add-ons, linens and towels are all essentials- but so are all the things I need to take to PLAY with!!!

The first picture below is one of the digital scrapbook pages I have already made for my book of the last year of our school. I have several goals in digi-scrapping this summer; I want to MASTER the Creative Memories program, Storybook Creator Plus, and make several books with it. I also need to work on the My Memories Suite program, as that is the one I am using for my digital Heritage project. I know there is SOOO much more I can do with each of these programs. I am happy with my pages so far, but need to play, a LOT, with the programs to really get good.
The picture above may be familiar if you've been reading here for more than a year. This is a picture of the chart for the Sampler designed by my Internet-friend Aury. Last summer this was done as a stitch-a-long with a large group, but I fell way behind with it, and once things fell apart at school, I abandoned my needlework completely for the rest of the year. So, this summer is the summer, I hope!, that I complete last summer's stitching project.

Everything else "needle" connected that I am taking is smaller than Aury's sampler- which is a good sized piece and which I use a small floor stand to work on. The in-hand projects are all small things I can play with as I feel the inclination: a miniature Hawaiian quilt top, some tatting stuff, my Teneriffe lace forms, and a small needlepoint kit that I bought in Bermuda in 2007. My Internet-friend Margaret, whom I've "known" via needlework groups for more than 15 years, is an avid needlepointer and her work is so wonderful that I have to give needlepoint (after a 25 year hiatus) another chance.

There is also the packing of sufficient DVDs for amusement, and the loading of the Kindle-although, since I can always get more books just by clicking on the Kindle store, that is not a priority. The local library has a used book sale shelf- paperbacks are 50 cents and hardbacks a dollar. I go in, buy a couple dollars worth of books, and once I finish reading them, donate them back and buy some more. It is a good way to donate to the library fund and I only keep the books I know I will want to read again- everybody is a winner!

So, as you can see, getting ready for 6 weeks of rest and relaxation is a LOT of work, lol! It will all be worth it- in just a few days I will be "living on the porch" again! Time to get back to packing!


Suzanne said...

Have a wonderful and relaxing time at the shore!

Shirley said...

Hope you are doing well after the end of school. I really did think of you during that time. I envy you at the shore. I am praying that shore will always be there and not affected by our carelessness.