Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time for a Blog Award

It is snowing like CRAZY out there!

I thought, last night, that maybe I could get a little shopping in if I got up at 8 and went right out. Well, we got up at 8, looked out the window, and said "forget that!". At this time yesterday morning, they changed the forecast from 1"-3" to 3"-5"; every couple hours it went up; the latest update, around 6:30 this morning changed the 10"-18" to 12"-20". So I am sitting here in my PJs, getting around to doing some blog reading that I have not had time for in weeks.

And that brings me to this award. BTW- you are welcome to "borrow" or "steal" this award; it was my very first attempt to "create" in Photoshop and while it is primitive, I know, I am VERY proud of it. So proud, in fact, that when I got a pop-up to order the upgrade to PSE8, I jumped on it. Until now, PSE4 was my tool, and it didn't get a lot of use- it opens my pictures for me, and sometimes I would crop or do super basic editting, but that's about it.

I am currently using Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus 3.0 and Polaroid's My Memories Suite V2 for digital scrapbooking- my newest crafty addiction. I am LOVING digital scrapbooking!!! and I am really enjoying both programs a LOT. I have enough paper supplies for MANY more albums and I will make them as time goes by, but I am pretty committed now to no more paper scrapping buying- switching over to digital fits soooo well into our gradual "downsizing" plans and isn't it wonderful that I LOVE something that will help with that?

Anyway.... yeah, I'm babbling, but what the hey- it's a blizzard and I am having fun just looking out the window!

Each summer I choose some project that I will "concentrate" on during my time at the Jersey shore. 2008 was cardmaking and learning to use my Silhouette. 2009 was stitching. Not so much stuff gets done because there are the distractions of beach and books, but I always make at least noticable progress. I have already decided that 2010 will be the "photoshop" summer.

Spending time at The Digital Scrapbook Place and Two Peas in a Bucket has opened my eyes to what these ladies (mostly) are doing with various forms of Photoshop. The work they produce is AMAZING!!!! So, my plan is to get comfortable with digi-scrapping with the SBC and MMS programs and then see what I can learn about scrapping with PSE next summer when I have real time to concentrate.

WOW- have I veered off topic here!!! Back to the award!

I want to give this award, for the first time, to a blogger who has a really, REALLY fun blog to visit. Do you ever read blogs but don't really look at the sidebar? Well, on top of an inspiring post yesterday about what she accomplished with Photoshop, I took the time this morning to really check out her sidebar- and this lady and I have SO much in common! Besides our mutual love of stitching and Jane Austen and reading in general, this lady has the exceptional good taste to include Lord of the Rings and Stargate SG-1 on her sidebar- YIPPEE!!

So, please, go check out YoYo's blog! You'll be glad you did!


Yoyo said...

Well, that is one lovely award! Thank you so much. But I'll never be able to carry it all the way home (LOL).....(running after my big strong guy to help out).

Guess what, in addition to all the other things we seem to have in common apparently you like to "learn" the same way I do. I used to set aside the winter months (being stuck inside and all) to learn some new craft or skill. I spent the winter of 2005 on Photoshop, that was before I discovered the internet and all the great imaging tutorial blogs around. So take a huge pile of images and have a great summer. You really can do some terrific stuff with a good imaging program (and I really like PhotoshopE).

Weren't you saaaaaaaaaddd when Stargate SG1 died? I mean really, who was NOT watching that terrific show!!!

Suzanne said...

Stay inside and stay safe and noon we had just over 12 inches.....still coming down fast and is a day of sewing for me and I told my sister I Would do some baking for Christmas.

Etha said...

ohhhh what a cool award, you MADE that?? woweeeee!!
OK lady so you're going to PSE 8.. ahem, I shall install my 7 and whimper away with it LOL!

Cathy at Paper Garden Projects said...


Welcome to the wonderful world of photoshop. I've been dabbling a bit in digi scrapping too. I use it for all the pics for my website and am kinda new at the scrapping part. Just wanted to mention - if you are looking for online classes on digi scrapping, take a look at Jessica Sprague's site. I think her classes are very good. They are on line and self paced. I'm not affiliated in any way - I was just very pleased with the classes I had. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Babs said...

I'm sure Yoyo will be happy ;-)