Monday, December 21, 2009

Winding down from the blizzard

So, it's been a long and interesting couple of days.

Saturday was snow, snow and more snow- it just kept falling. I did a little work on the house- getting ready for the new windows to be installed today. I played, a LOT, on the computer. Read a LOT about digital scrapbooking- my new addiction, in case you hadn't noticed. Made beef stew- the good kind that cooked for 3 1/2 hours. Late Saturday afternoon John Bolaris, the weather guy on the local station that was doing live coverage the entire day, said "the worst of the storm is about to start". WHAT???? All the snow we already had and the worse was just starting???? So, I took this picture:

We woke up Sunday to the final results: 23 inches plus drifting. I only ventured as far as the front door and this is the view from there:

Now it is Monday afternoon and here is what things looks like now:

We had a goo
d quiet time for the 3 days. It was partly restful and playtime- lots of exploration about digi-scrapping for me, lots of watching football and basketball for DH and DS. There was also lots of work around the house- getting ready for those windows, remember? Might as well tell you now- we do NOT have new windows. The window guys *might* have been able to do the work- unlikely but possible- but there was no place they could park their truck anywhere near the house. So, now the windows get put in NEXT week. Oh, well, there is always a downside, even to a blizzard!

Back to school tomorrow and Wednesday, then Thursday to get ready and VIOLA! Christmas is here! Will I be ready? Probably not. Will it be a good Christmas anyway? For sure!

Then it's Saturday and we are OFF TO FLORIDA!!! After all the shoveling yesterday and today, DH is now completely on board with the idea that Florida is the place we want to live- and SOON!

Hope everyone has a good week!

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Etha said...

nice snow!
We had a summer day yesterday, went out hiking in thin sweater ;) but we'll get our snow starting tonight into friday.
Oh you're going to love new windows! It was a mess when they did our entire house with new windows, but so worth it!