Saturday, May 16, 2009

Something for the card makers among us

About three weeks ago I started a THREAD on SplitCoastStampers about galleries that are full of wonderful cards that have few comments on them. The thread has been somewhat successful, mostly because of the efforts of TrishG who has searched the galleries at SCS and added links to many wonderful galleries over the last few weeks. HER GALLERY is a delightful mix of many different styles and techniques as well as some scrapbooking pages.

So I thought I would follow the example of Allison at STAMPING WHEN I CAN, who has a regular feature on her blog of listing newly discovered blogs for others to check out, and spread the word about the galleries that TrishG and others are recommending at SCS.

So, for your perusal and enjoyment, here are a few galleries at SCS that I think deserve more notice:

Soni B's gallery

lovemysister's gallery

bensarmom's gallery

Vicky Y's gallery

I'll be adding more on a regular basis. Since I don't get much crafting of any kind done during the school year, and especially at this time of year (teaching seniors makes April, May and June particularly hectic!) I don't have much to show for myself but want to encourage everyone to indulge their artistic sense and keep up with (or try out) their artistic endeavors. If I can't show off anything *I've* done, well then I'll just encourage you to check out someone else's work!



Allison said...

Great to comment!

Shirley said...

I think your idea is fabulous. I actually decided to do my blog because I lost interest at SCS. I think your idea is fantastic.