Saturday, May 16, 2009

An Overdue "Thank you"

Several weeks ago I posted about winning some charts from THE NEEDLE'S NOTION. I received the beautiful "LIBERTY GARDEN" and "HOME GROWN" charts in the mail a few days later. I am looking forward to stitching these (although NOT until after I finish my three current projects!!!) because they are NOT in my usual style and yet they TOTALLY call to me! I was thrilled when I got the email about winning a door prize from The Needle's Notion because I had seen the Liberty Garden chart during the online Needlework show and loved it instantly.

What I have been remiss about posting is how wonderful Lettie, the designer of The Needle's Notion charts, was to me with this prize. To enter the draw, I had to write a post about how I was spreading the love of needlework, so I told her about the after-school craft club I run at my school. When I opened the envelope it contained not two (2) charts, but FOUR (4)!!! Two for me, and two for my girls- one a complimentary chart with permission to copy for all the students!

So, I want to publicly thank Lettie for her generosity and recommend her to all the stitchers out there as a designer whose heart is in the right place and who deserves our support. Please check out her website and see her delightful and whimsical charts.


Marg said...

Hi Ladydoc!

I just wanted to let you know that you won again. This time it is a copy of Christine Blevins' The Tory Widow. Details here

Etha said...

ohhhh you winner you :)
you ARE stitching this one for me right? Come on, this is SO me!!
you know you want to (giggle)
its beautiful!

Shirley said...

More gilt to get back to mine. Every time I see my stored cross-stitch treasures I think of you.