Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Short post

Here is a teneriffe lace medallion I finished. These are a lot of fun to make and one of these days I'll have a bunch of them to attach to something.

I FINALLY got to put some stitches into Aury's SAL sampler!!! I was getting totally frustrated trying to work out the placement of a Norwich stitch- making it match the chart was making me CRAZY! Now that I had a little time and also the next part of the chart to work on, I could start from the center line and work out and suddenly it was MUCH easier. I am still way behind and I didn't get that much done, but it feels SOOOO good to have finally started and to actually see stitches I don't have to frog on the fabric. There's not enough done yet to warrant a picture, but SOON, I hope!

I think my Mom really liked the calendar I made for her for Mother's day- her first reaction was "oh, good, I don't have to recopy everything every year". It turned out really well. I got the blank calendar from CTMH and I definitely recommend it.

Time to watch a little TV then off to bed.


Etha said...

oh that looks like fun and way cool! sweet little ornament :)
glad you mom liked the calendar!

Christie said...

WOW! That is BEAUTIFUL! tfs:)

Bridgett said...

Love the blues!!! Great medallion! I am eager to see what you put this on!

Cindy said...

Glad your Mom liked the gift....it really did come out great! This lace is pretty...enable me?? :o) Like the new look of the blog!

Shirley said...

Beautiful doesn't do it justice!