Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

A Happy Mother's Day wish to all the Moms out there.

I've had a quiet day- mostly playing with my blog as you can see if you've been here before. I really like the old template and will probably go back to it one of these days, but I just needed something different to look at.

Then I decided I needed to re-do and re-organize my side bar and THAT was what took so much time- in fact, it took so much time that it is still not done.

One of my FAVORITE authors is Rex Stout- the creator of my favorite American detective, Nero Wolfe. Nero Wolfe has been portrayed on screen a number of times, but most Wolfe
aficionados agree that the Maury Chaykin, Timothy Hutton series on A&E TV was the most accurate representation ever put on film. The series only ran 2 years- there is a dearth of appreciation for good detective literature on film is the only conclusion I can reach from this. Anyway, my DS found this set and so the complete series on DVD was my Mother's Day gift. It is one I will really use and appreciate.

Now it's time to go deliver the event calendar I stamped for my Mom.

I hope you all have a good Mother's Day.


Gwen said...

Happy Mothers day to you!!!! It has been so long since I have been able to visit :( wow you are a brave one...changing up your blog! I am afraid of loosing everything!!! YIKES...would love a change too though! Hope you have a wonderful day!!


scooter5203249 said...

Archie's mom would approve :-) Can't think of a better gift than the Chaykin/Hutton "Nero Wolfe" for Mother's Day. Enjoy!

Shirley said...

Wow, Teresa, what a great new blog look! I love blue. Hope your day with your mom was special!

Bridgett said...

The blog looks great! I hope your Mother's Day was a great one!