Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sitting here on a happy Saturday night

While I am sitting here waiting for my hair to return to its "natural" color, I wanted to share my wonderful weekend.

Here's my copy of Cathy's wonderful Popcorn tree card. The glitter doesn't show up very well but it *is* there. My watercoloring did not come out as vibrant as on Cathy's model but I still really like the card- and all the rest from the class.

We had a really good time last night. Working on cards from models was easy and mindless and exactly what we needed on a Friday night after a LONG week. Cathy's designs are adorable, her card kits are full of beautiful papers and great quality cardstock, and the resulting cards are way more than I would have ever thought up by myself.

Everyone at the event was really nice, and warm and friendly and we felt right at home. There was gingerbread and pineapple upside down cake, so munching made the evening even better.

Then we went back to Cel's house and set up our scrapbooking but yakked rather than scrapping- we were both too tired to do anything that required even the slightest amount of thinking or effort. After a glass of wine, we toddled off to bed.

Today was a wonderful day! We both accomplished a lot- although the books are still far from done- and chatted and laughed and just enjoyed the good company. Oldies playing in the background, comfort food all day (tomato soup for lunch and pizzs for dinner- we were NOT into cooking, lol!), eating and snacking whever we felt like it and not on a schedule, made the day perfect. Cel is a wonderful and solicitous hostess and I had a GREAT time.

BTW- the popcorn tree stamp (our name for it, not Cathy's) comes in a beautiful kit and the stamp itself is from a drawing by Cathy! You can check out the stamp and its companions and the whole kit at Paper Garden Projects. I did a little shopping while we were there, starting with the Popcorn Tree set of stamps. This Christmas Tree Mouse found its way into my bag- which is amazing and proves HOW CUTE it is, because while I love the images others make with them, "critter" stamps are NOT usually my thing. But this one I just could not resist. And, of course, since I collect cardinal stamps, this beautiful Winter Cardinal came under the category of "it must be done".

Time for a hot shower to work out the kinks from scrapping all day then off to bed. Thanks to Cathy and Cel for a terrific weekend!


Cathrine StClair said...

Thanks so much for coming to my little event. It was so wonderful to meet you both and "talk stamping". Your cards came out beautiful.

After all the donations - we raised $100 for Lutheran World Relief - I think we can feel pretty good about that!

Shirley said...

Actually I think it is very soft and lovely. I also can see the glitter on the holly too! A really beautiful result. You are really getting into the stamping mood again. It's that time of year.

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Ohhh this is sooo cute!!! I love that glittery popcorn!!!

Etha said...

ohhh looks like you had a wonderful time!! you deserve it :) great card!!

Diane said...

Cute. Anything with popcorn for me is good. Anything with a cardinal is better. The combo--fantabulous!
Love it.

Allison said...

What a cute Christmas the placement of the bird!

Cel said...

Thanks, Teresa! I had a great time, too. I enjoyed our snacking, talking, laughing, ....oh, and scrapping! :)

Seriously-I'm so glad we did that!