Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Timing is Everything

Good timing occurred with the arrival of my Vickie Clayton silks for the Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler. I couldn't get a really good picture in the house- and I certainly was not taking this stuff outside!!!- so I am sorry but this is the best I could do. (The linen is 30 count ivory from Brunner Haus.) I am really happy with the silks and am looking forward to starting this project with the New Year.

Much less good timing occurred here last night- my dryer died. Now, this was a good and faithful servant for 31 years- so it was well past where it owed us anything! BUT.... with Thanksgiving on Thursday, this makes for a little problem. I always wash my good table linens and did not get to it yet. So, the table may be less festive than usual. The bigger problem is all the work that still needs doing before Thursday- and the fact that now we will need to clean out the basement between the door and the laundry area! This much added effort was NOT on my agenda- but how long, in winter, can one go without a dryer? So, the new dryer arrives on Friday and making a path to move the old one out and the new one in is a MUST before then. Just what I needed- NOT!

I bought my new dryer at Sears, for two reasons. First, the now-deceased one was a Kenmore and who can ask for more than 31 years from a dryer that survived a family of four where the DH coached 2-3 sports/year (meaning multiple clothes changes each day), DD was a dancer (more of the same) and DS was a rower- and they use more clothes and get them more stinky than any other sport/activity I've seen. (Have you ever seen the socks they wear in the boats, AFTER practice? Total YUCK!!!!!)

The second (and more important) reason is Sears' support of their employees who get called for active duty while in the Reserves or National Guard. Sears not only abides by the law that requires that the employees get their jobs back when they return. They also PAY them while they are serving- making up the difference between their military pay and their civilian salaries, so that they are not put to a financial hardship by serving. Good stuff!!!!

So, come Friday I will have a brand new dryer- and probably be too worn out to give it a test run, lol!

OK- back to work!


Etha said...

ohboy, I would not want to dig through and make a path for a new dryer ;) I got a Kenmore as well, most of my appliances are! Sewing machine ROCKS! but you'll enjoy your new hot air LOL, always nice to have new household toys. Once they are in place and hooked up, its wonderful.
the silks look delicious!!

Lee said...

BAP = Big Ass Project!

Diane said...

Hmmm....does one say "Have a great time with your new dryer." or "How marvelous! Now you can do more laundry!" or "Happy for you!???? Nothing sounds quite right. Not sure what sort of congratulations are in order. It's not reeeally a new "toy"...Still it IS new! So bravo for you...something new and shiny. Maybe it will run longer so you can stay in your stamp room a wee bit more!!!

Shirley said...

I got a really good look at the silks when I clicked on the picture and they are really lovely. I agree on the Kenmore products too!