Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some Explanations for the BO

How's that for a catchy title?

In Flylady terms I am talking about those Born Organized- something those of us who are SHEs- Sidetracked Home Executives, with the emphasis on SIDETRACKED- are not and don't even understand. The same works in reverse- the BO don't get *us* at all. So, for those of you who are BO and don't see why everyone doesn't always have a neat, clean house, here is a post (rant?) that I just put on the SCS Flybabies board.

I am SUCH a SHE!!!!!! Emphasis on the SIDETRACKED!!!!

So, where do I stand at the end of the day? Well, let's see:My arm and shoulder (my original FMS sites and still the banes of my existence) have been screaming at me for hours.I DID do the OnePageControlJournal like I said I would. Then comes the "SHE-ness".

DH and DS were both getting ready to shower when I was ready to start the bathroom. So, I went into my room, pulled a drawer out of the dresser and started emptying and sorting. Got through 2 drawers. I did fill one trash bag- that's good. However, all the little "sort" piles, that need to go to a VARIETY of places around the house, are still on the bed. Hence- they will need to go into baskets tonight- which means carrying them around tomorrow.

Did I mention that DS had misplaced the cable for my printer? And that I was TOTALLY frustrated when I finished the OPCJ and couldn't print it out? Well, somewhere along about now (the drawers all over the bed) was when DH found the cord and I printed out the OPCJ. Took it down to put on the fridge. Couldn't get it into the page protector without taking the protector off the fridge door. Noticed how dirty the door was. Took everything off the fridge door to clean it. That took a while as I wasn't satisfied til I had also done the freezer door, and the hardware.....

Then DH reminded me what time he had to leave for work if I wanted him to take that bag of clothes to St. Vincent's. Went up and went through one of the large Rubbermaid tubs of clothes that I am going through. Filled more than 1/2 the bag, but NOT full. Had to put the "keep" things back into the Rubbermaid container without sorting them by work vs everyday. Will have to go back into that container.

After DH left for work, DS left for his chemistry exam. Decided to wait to eat til he got home but wanted a snack. Went into the corner cabinet to find the microwave popcorn. Noticed a few old things and a bit of a mess. (Have I mentioned that no matter HOW BAD my house looks, if you open my cabinets, THEY are completely neat and organized? How's THAT for sick?) Decided I should clean out the cabinet while the popcorn was popping! DUH!!! Result? Some old things tossed, but everything else is on the countertop!!!!!!- because the arm started screaming while emptying, so there is no way I can do the reaching and handling to put everything away again!!!! And oh, did I mention that before I used the microwave, I cleaned the whole thing?

End result of a long, tiring day? There is a Rubbermaid container in the upstairs hallway, a slew of stuff on the bed, the countertop is unusable because it is covered with things- and the inside of the microwave and the front of the refrigerator are clean.

And that, dear BO friends, is why my house looks like it does, and your's doesn't!


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Awww.......you seriously think your house is the only one! You crack me up!! Although I will admit to mine not being because of injuries and exams! LOL But mostly because of teenagers and big dogs!!! LOL

Teresa K. said...

Try not thinking of it as a mess... think of it as "entropy." A little disorder in the universe is very natural and should be warmly embraced.