Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Great find for Cuttlebug lovers!

I am on a house rampage. I have GOT to get this place in some-kind-of-shape before school starts. I've been cleaning/sorting/tossing much of the day. Flylady would love the intent but not the direction- everything I started today has detoured into something else, so a lot is getting done but NOTHING is getting finished. (Two drawers out of six are emptied, none of the left-overs put away, the front of the refridgerator is sparkling, the bag of clothes for St. Vincent de Paul is half full.... All the other SHEs out there certainly understand!)

Had to take a break as my arm was screaming at me. While strolling around SCS, a thread took me to a blog that is TOTALLY fabulous!!!!!!!!!

This wonderful woman has explored and explained SOOOOO many new ways to use your Cuttlebug. She also uses a BigShot, so you can check it out if that's your toy as well. I am completely blown away with all the great ideas and techniques she has posted- and I've only skimmed the blog so far. I will definitely be pulling out my Cuttlebug with the computer open right next to it, turned to her page!

So, for the blog Indigo Inklings I hereby award to Jay:


Jay said...

LOL! I can totally understand and relate to your post! I'm glad that your break took you by my blog and I love that you found lots of ideas to put on your list to try. Thanks so much for the award. It's great fun to think of other crafters reading and having fun making discoveries right along with me. :-)

Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing I now have this bookmarked!