Monday, August 11, 2008

Hope this makes sense

In my never-ending round of doctors' visits, some days are better than others. Today was fine from the pain/annoyance level, but a totally lost day. Welcome to my wonderful world of post-anesthesia.

I had an endoscopy this morning- that's the one where the camera/tube checks out your throat and stomach. The good news? Everything is fine. That means that the significant ulcer pain I had in May and June is gone either a) because the ulcer healed itself during my wonderful resting month of July, or b) the pain was actually induced by aggravation and went away once I had some time off. We'll see what happens in September- that's what we doctors call "differential diagnosis".

So, I woke up after the procedure, apparently completely clearheaded, got my paperwork and was driven home by DH- who was totally non-solicitous since I seemed perfectly normal. The first clue that maybe I was still "under the influence" was when he was leaving to go to the store for milk so I could have my now-very-delayed morning tea and I told him "have a nice life", rather than "have a nice walk"! Hmmmmm. Then I had a humungous mug of tea and promptly fell asleep for about 3 hours.

Now I am ravenously hungry, although I have eaten three times in the less than three hours since I woke up. I am also unbelievably sleepy. So, what did I get done today??? NOT MUCH!!!

I ambled around the Internet rather aimlessly, checked out some blogs, read a punch of posts on SCS, and in general, accomplished nothing. Oh, well.

Oh, did I mention that the death of Isaac Hayes resulted in DH subjecting me, REPEATEDLY, to the lyrics of "Shaft" all day?

The Olympics continue to amuse, amaze and interest me. That swimming relay last night was such a thrill. I watched a lot of swim meets in college and they really are VERY exciting in person, which I don't think TV really conveys well. I also read a story today where Mark Spitz is whining that he wasn't invited to Beijing to watch Phelps attempt to break his record. The majority of the story was him (Spitz) telling us how great he (Spitz) is. Yuck!

Speaking of SCS- I was, a while ago, wasn't I?- here's a blog I really like. Excellent tutorials and BEAUTIFUL cards!

Fading fast here. That's all for now.


Perky said...

Glad you're feeling better and that everything looked good on the inside!

"Have a nice life" -- ha ha ha!!! Too funny! I wonder if I can blame anesthesia the next time I say something stupid to RockStar????

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Wishing you well!!! And totally unproductive days are sometimes OK and just what we need!!! Thanks so much for the link -- it surprised me when I clicked it -- LOL!!! MUCH appreciated!!!

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Oh, I also meant to say - I see your FlyLady link. I used to do the FlyLady until my server wouldn't let me get her anymore (many years ago). I sure missed her but now, gee, HOW could I do the FlyLady AND stamp -- is it possible????

Etha said...

Well that's good that everything looks good inside :)
Go rest up and pamper yourself. Did you know that the human body needs about a whole year to "recover" from a full general anesthesia? yeah... so no matter what you had done, give it a little time. You may feel ok, and have a nice life ;) LOL that totally cracked me up, would have loved to see his face!

Lori said...

School starts in a few weeks but until then, rest, relax and enjoy the last of the lazy days of summer with a clean gastrointestinal bill of health!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh so glad the scope showed everything healed!! That's great news!! Oh and I've been watching the swimming and gymnastics mostly....very addictive! LOL