Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just some random stuff

The Opening Ceremonies from Beijing last night were amazing! The technology was incredible, but the human activity was much more so. So many of the awe-inspiring sights were created with people!

I grew up in a family where athletics were important. Two of my brothers were runners and baseball players and the third was a rower. My Dad ran and played some baseball as a young man and my mother loves the Phillies. My cousin and his wife were both Olympians back in the 80s. I mourned the death of Jim McKay recently- with him went another part of my childhood, the sacred ritual of Wide World of Sports at our house on Saturdays, and his commentaries from the Olympics.

There are certain athletic rituals in this household as well. My DH played high school and college football and my DS was a rower. With both of them recreational golfers, and me a former coach, the Masters golf tournament is a biggie around here, with even traditional foods for the final day. Baseball all summer and football on Sundays are automatic.

So, while I will not necessarily be glued to the TV and my computer- did you know you can watch 4 live events simultaneously on your computer?- I *will* spend a large part of the next 16 days in front of the TV. One of my son's high school friends is on this year's team, so that makes it even more exciting.

We're finally getting really serious about the massive clean-up/clean-out that our house needs. The VERY old and VERY beat sofa disappeared with the trash yesterday morning. A large bag went to St. Vincent dePaul this morning, and it is my hope that at least a bag a day will follow. I already filled one trash bag today with clothes, and one with trash. Flylady would be very proud of me.

I stumbled across a really TERRIFIC tutorial today. It gives some great information on using alcohol to mimic Copic results with dye-based ink pads and reinkers, and I think it should also work with waterbased markers like the Marvy LePlumes. My favorite part is that the blogger came up with a great name for her technique- she calls it "Drunken Watercolor".

Time for dinner- more later!


Michelle said...

I'm a big fan of the Olympics, too! I am watching as I type. Go USA!

Suzanne said...

Great glad you found it and shared it. I haven't been watching as much of the Olympics as I thought I would. Definitely not on the TV in the evening....way to many commercials not enough sports....I guess this is one time it would be nice to have cable