Friday, August 29, 2008

Another quick, tired check-in

The whirlwind week continues.

Wednesday we added a trip to the acupuncture doctor's office. Today we did a LOT; the dog went to the groomer, Auntie got her hair cut, we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, I went to Michaels and Borders while Auntie was at the hairdresser, we went grocery shopping at two stores....I think that's all, lol!

We're having a great time. We're getting tons done but also getting lots of time together and time to talk. It's wonderful.

Tomorrow morning we are heading to St. Petersburg to visit the P. Buckley Moss gallery there. I love her work. My DH sometimes makes fun of it- he calls it "Amish meets Tim Burton" which is really not such a bad description. The print you see here is called "Gloria" and DH bought it for me several years ago. I really love her. I have two other PBM prints and maybe will have more soon.

Then tomorrow afternoon we have to take the doggie to the vet.

So, another full day on the agenda tomorrow!

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Suzanne said...

Another thing we have in common....I too very much enjoy P Buckley Moss. I have several Counted cross kit charts of her paintings. And I have one print of hers in my dining room..