Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More details

Just thought I'd list a few agendas so it would be clear why I have not had time to post or read.

Saturday we visited with the neighbors for about an hour. Then we went to Sam's Club. Then after dropping the stuff off at home, we went to Mass. Then to the supermarket, then to the Walgreens. By the time we made and had dinner, it was late. Then we yakked. (You can fill that in anywhere you find any empty time space.)

Sunday was the Ulta for a haircut for me, a wash and curl for Auntie, and make-up playing. Then Ross. Then Petsmart. Then Michaels. The new Michael's here was really strangely laid out and very disconcerting. Then home. Then back to the supermarket. Then dinner and watching football. Also yakking.

Monday was getting the car inspected and serviced. Then Dick's so Auntie could buy a pair of Crocs like mine (the cleo model- very comfortable, very cute and totally don't look like Crocs-see the picture). Lots of time in Dicks. Then back to Ulta for some things forgotten yesterday. Then home for dinner and watching baseball. Yakking.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the HSN outlet and probably back to Sam's Club. Wednesday is a doctor's appointment then out to lunch with a friend of Auntie's who is visiting in town for a short while. Thursday Auntie goes to her own hairdresser for a haircut and the doggie goes to *his* "hairdresser" for a grooming. Friday is still undecided with lots of various options. Saturday I go home.

If there is nothing new posted here, the reason will be obvious- I am EXHAUSTED!!!!


Etha said...

wow, makes me dizzy just reading about it!! you'll need a vacation after this ;)

Shirley said...

How fun! On Sunday you will be at home so you can rest. Then invite Auntie to visit. :-)

Suzanne said...

Sound like you are having a fun and productive visit. Don't totally exhaust yourself though. Have you had a chance to do anything with the digi scrapbooking? Curious minds want to know.........