Saturday, August 30, 2008

Home again

Well, I'm home. Got out of Florida as the outer bands of rain and lightning from Gustav were starting to stir things up. It was a pretty bumpy ride home most of the way, but it all came out well.

To the left you see a P. Buckley Moss print called "Our Anniversary". For some background here, DH gave me a gift card for our anniversary this year, to choose an anniversary ring. I didn't use all the money on the beautiful ring I chose, so I've been saving the rest for something special. Yesterday, Auntie and I took a trip to St. Petersburg to the PBM gallery. When I saw this print, which, btw, is sold out at the PBM website and hard to find anywhere, I knew this was the exact thing to get- so I did!

I am really excited and happy about it!

After we finished at the gallery, where Auntie got a PBM piece framed, we decided to take a walk out onto the Pier on St. Petersburg's waterfront. As we approached the entrance to the Museum of History we saw that one of the current exhibits was "Princess Grace and Princess Diana". Well, that was a must-be-done! It was primarily a dress exhibition- several dresses of Princess Grace's and a lot more of Diana's. There were also all kind of smaller items, including invitations to Charles and Diana's wedding, letters that she had written etc. Among the Princess Grace artifacts were sketches by Edith Head of costumes for "To Catch a Thief" (the chiffon gown) and "High Society" (the garden party dress).

The exhibit also included doll-sized duplicates of all of Diana's dresses from the Christie's auction.

The blue gown on the left was Princess Grace's and the red and black on the right was Diana's. These are the real things, not the doll-sized. They even had a copy- at least I'm guessing it was a copy!- of Diana's favorite tiara, the one in so many pictures.
We really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful things. All in all it was a really good day!

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Shirley said...

Lady, nice to hear your trip was so much a success you probaly have to rest now. Ha! Thanks for sharing about the Princesses. I loved them both. I was really into the charities of Princess Di.