Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole

I love Iz's music. Yesterday was his birthday- he would have been 49.

My short month in Hawaii several years ago gave me a love of the Islands, the Hawaiian people and their beautiful culture.

At his death he was called a Hawaiian treasure. He is a treasure to the world.


Suzanne said...

I've never heard of him....but then I've never been to Hawaii either. (It is on my travel to list.) This song was beautiful. His voice is amazing. Are there any CD's of his still available? I wanted to melt into my seat listening and the video was just as beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

By the way did you get my PM on SCS about the blocks and plastic cases? I'm having a big yard sale in two weeks and they are all going into it, but I want to keep you some if you are still interested. If not that's okay, just please let me know.

Etha said...

Hi girl,
you've been tagged :) check my blog LOL