Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another fun quiz

According to this fun quiz which I found at Lee's blog, I am 7 Gypsies paper. I don't actually *have* a favorite brand of paper, but must admit that what I have seen of 7 Gypsies is really nice.

This quiz, plus a visit this afternoon to the gallery at SplitCoastStampers, has really gotten me thinking that I need to make a lot more use of all the patterned paper I have accumulated in the last few years. To do this I want to spend some time with the Sheetload templates, and also with the 12-from-3 and 10-from-3 designs at Firecracker Designs.
I got some more organizing and helpful work done this weekend. I bought a box of sheet protectors yesterday and have now printed out all of the up-to-date sketch challenges from SCS, all of the card sketches from PageMaps and some others I aso found. I also have been working on swatch sheets for my Twinkling H2Os and Prismacolor pencils and lists of which Marvy markers and Derwent watercolor pencils I have. (I also splurged today on eBay- found an incredible price for a large set of Prismacolor markers plus a lot more Prismacolor pencils and just could not resist.) When I get finished I will have a binder with all my lists in it, my swatch sheets and hundreds of card sketches- it will be great to take along for crops and crafting days and make things much easier at home also.
Tomorrow will be a pretty usual Sunday- laundry, grocery lists, getting everything ready for the week. I also hope to spend a little time actually paper-crafting rather than just planning for it or getting organized to do it. This time I hope to try my hand at my first ATC- that's short for Artist Trading Card.
ATCs are small (2 1/2 x 3 1/2) cards that are made stricly for trading with other artists or crafters. The idea came out of Switzerland about 10 years ago and is now practiced not only by paper crafters but also by crafters and artists of all types. For more information, see here for some basic info, or google ATCs for tons of sites.
The animals are not in view tonight at WildEarth; there seems to be some connection problem and there is no way to get onto the visual drive. Since I was too tired last night and tomorrow is a school night, this means a whole weekend without a safari- VERY disappointing!
Fortunately, reading a good book is always a good alternative- so off I go with Rex Stout!


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh that WAS a fun quiz!! I hadn't ever seen 7 Gypsies paper before! But I confess.......I do love all designer paper!! LOL

I recently made my very first ATC's for a swap.....I didn't know they originated in Switzerland!! That's so cool!!! Yet another place I'd love to visit someday!!

Etha said...

I think my favorite designer paper has got to be from Basic Grey, love them ALL.... but its not really paper its more like designer card stock, so that limits what you do with it. Next up for me would be K & Company, love their two-sided designer card stock. Real Designer "paper" I do like the stuff from Paper Pizazz, great designs :)
Can you believe it, I have never so far even attempted to *think* about making and ATC :) the whole concept has not reached my brain cells yet.....beware when it does ;)