Friday, May 16, 2008

More Yippee!!! and other things

The mailman was good to me today. The beautiful "Emma", the print by Nancy Noel, arrived late this afternoon. She is already hanging in the dining room and I love going past her- she is beautiful. Another YIPPEE!!
Good news on the phone this evening- my brother and his family, who have been living overseas, will be coming home for a month before he starts his new job. I am very excited- can't wait to see them all. Still MORE YIPPEE!!!

I hope to do some cardmaking this weekend. I want to try out another Sheetload set and send it to them for this month's "Share a Sheetload" which will go to That is a group which sends handmade cards that are blank inside to deployed military for them to send to family and friends. GREAT program.

I also hope to get some time on the WildEarth drives this weekend. I would LOVE to be able to stay up for tonight's drive, and I WILL try, but I am so tired after a long week at school that it seems unlikely I'll last tonight. So, tomorrow, hopefully, there will be a great drive and I'll get to see lots of the amazing animals. If you have not yet checked it out, click HERE or see the link on the left for WildEarth and also check out Africam and the others while you are at it. The whole experience is amazing!!! Be aware that Africam has added commercials every 10 minutes.

I had a wonderful visit today from two students who graduated two years ago. They both attend an Ivy League school, are doing really well at college and have great plans for the summer. It is so special when the kids come back and share their new lives. It is even more special when they are being so successful.
I would write more, but I keep having to make corrections when my chin bounces on the keyboard, so it's off to bed for me.

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Congrats on the WIN!!!! New BLING is sooooooo funnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! And I hope you get to enjoy lots of wonderful times with your family and friends this summer!!!