Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

This is another picture of the beautiful beach in the town where DB has a home. He and his family will be coming back to the USA on Thursday, so we are here to get the house all shipshape for their arrival and to enjoy the magnificent holiday weather.

I've got a lot of Memorial Day memories over the years. The earliest ones are of attending Mass in the chapel at my father's high school. He served in World War II as did most of his classmates. His yearbook had many pictures with small black ribbons attached to them. Every year he took me with him to the Mass at school, which was always followed by a short service at the war memorial outside of school. Between my own schools, the places DH and I have coached and both of us being teachers, I've learned quite a few alma maters in my time, but the first one I ever learned, and the one I can still sing today (although there has been no reason or excuse for many years) is that of my father's high school.

Memorial Day was always a day for my dad and all my uncles to remember their lost friends and brothers in arms. It was also a joyful time for my family- both sides were very blessed in losing no one during WWII. So, we were always a family that celebrated Memorial Day with a reason. We continue to be blessed. My brother served during VietNam but spent most of his time on a ship in the North Atlantic. My son is probably too old now, but would never be eligible for military duty due to his eyesight- which we discovered when he took the physical to apply for Annapolis many years ago.

This weekend will be a quiet one with only a small cookout on Sunday on the partying agenda. I woke up today horribly sick, so I hope I can eat by then! Other than that it will just be resting up, getting ready for the really hectic last few weeks of school, and maybe, finally, doing some playing with my pens, pencils and cardstock.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend- and please take the time to remember those for whom this weekend is intended as a tribute, our veterans.

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

I hope you feel better for the holiday.....and enjoy that beautiful beach!!! Hugs!