Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I cannot stand it!!!

So, after being shifted around multiple times, getting those aggravating mechanical voices where you have to "select 1" for whatever and "select 2" for the other guy, I finally get a human being who says she can tell me why it has been SIX WEEKS since my doctor prescribed a motorized wheelchair or scooter and I still don't have it.

After 9 minutes on hold- listening to another mechanical voice telling me why this insurance company is SOOO GREAT, she comes back to tell me the claim was denied!!! I ask why? She doesn't know. I ask why I wasn't notified. She says there "will be a letter coming". I ask when? She says the claim was denied last week so I should be getting the letter "soon".

I reminded her that the reason the disease spread to the 2nd leg, and I had needed surgery, was that I spent 18 months abusing the previously-good-but-now-bad leg while protecting the previously-bad-but-now-better-of-the-two-legs leg BECAUSE THEY DENIED ME WHEN I INJURED THE FIRST LEG, and that without the means of transportation I was looking at 2 years of pounding the now-less-injured leg with the obvious logical result and did the insurance company really want to guarantee that I would be permanently crippled?????? I asked her was the insurance company really anxious for me to sue them?

She, of course, was very sorry, but it was "not her department" and I should contact the appeals office, after I get the letter, whenever that might happen to be.

This was after a really bad, infuriating day at school (no, not the kids) so I'm pretty peeved. I'm going to go do my Flylady evening routine, have a little wine and go to bed early and just HOPE I can wake up in a better mood than the one I am in now.

Sorry for venting.


Suzanne said...

Oh a very BIG cyber HUG my friend. I hope and pray that not only do you wake up in a better mood tomorrow, but that tomorrow is indeed a better day all around!

Etha said...

hmm, not good. Got to love the insurances in the current system..... and don't expect anything to make sense, just calculate who will make money in the process, if its not them (insurance and docs) it won't go through.

Lee said...

Ohhh.......yeah......there's something seriously broken with the insurance industry. We get the privilege of putting thousands and thousands in, yet struggle to get our needs met. Just try to take it easy and get plenty of rest when you can!! Look forward to the weekend when you can enjoy the WildEarth drives!!! Hugs!!!

Christi said...

I am so sorry that you are having to go through this! I hope things are better for you now. {{{HUGS}}}

Beth said...

Yikes! I hate dealing with insurance companies, so not much wisdom here. However, I will send {{{HUGS}} in the hopes that they help a little. Take care!