Friday, March 14, 2008

Up late on the drive

I am getting some enjoyment out of being laid up- schedules are not important right now. The result is that I am getting to see some of the late night here but early morning there game drives from Djuma/WildEarth. The drive this morning (our time) was a very sad one. The Mapogo had killed one of the Nkuhuma lionesses and two of her cubs.

Shortly after we saw the dead lioness we came upon several of the Mapogo.

The "happy" news was that they were pretty beat up and mauled- the one seen here is actually treating himself for wounds. So, as one of my Africam friends noted, she "did not go gently".
The guide from WE, Pieter, spoke intelligently but also kindly about the realities of life in the bush and the fact that these lions need to establish dominance in order to survive- Darwin at his best.

The drive tonight has been a happier time- we have seen a lot of animals and some things that were new, at least to me. We saw a magnificent Kingfisher, a beautiful bird of the most gorgeous color, but I didn't get a picture that does him justice. I thought this picture was cute- a grey tree frog, which Pieter somehow spotted on a tree branch. This feat was amazing because this little guy is all of 2 inches long!
Well, even with no schedule, it is time for me to get to bed.

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Lee said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the drives. I totally forgot today.....oh well.....sometimes it's just too sad, even though I know it's a necessity. The little frog is a cutie!!! How is the pain?? I sure hope you are getting some good healing and rest!!