Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just HAVE to share this!

I've been "on the 'net" since 1994. One of the greatest things about the Internet is the ability to find people of similar interests whom you would never have met/known any other way. Over the years I have connected with cross stitchers, quilters, scrapbookers, lacemakers and now stampers all over the world, all through the wonders of the Internet. I have also found communities of people who share my issues in life, have been able to enjoy the wonders of Africa (a secret passion of mine since childhood!) in a way never before possible, and just been able to reach far beyond the confines of home. Back in the mid-late 90s I spent several years restricted to home for medical reasons and during that time the Internet was my sanity. (Going through a similar, though thankfully shortlived, experience now following surgery, I am again so grateful to have this outlet!) I have "known" many people, met some of them "IRL", and made friends who have remained close through the years. Yes, there are many terrible things that happen on the Internet, but for me it has been an outlet, a link to the world far beyond my limitations, and a true joy.

Today I received in the old-fashioned mail a testimony to the wonders of Internet friendships. I found SplitCoastStampers many months ago, started getting active in the community there in recent months, and have found in the SCS Flybabies community a group that shares both some of my passions and some of my problems. Like any other good Internet group, we post to one another about our crafting activities, but also just about our day-to-day lives. So, naturally, my surgery and recovery have been topics.

So, what did the mailman bring me today? THIS!!!!!

I wish I could get a better scan of this, but you get the idea. This is a card that is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! The work on it, the choice of colors, the details, the many techniques involved, just the sheer BEAUTY of it is spectacular.
For anyone not a cardmaker, not a crafter, this is just a card.
For those of us who do papercrafting, this is a masterpiece!
For me, this is a boost to my spirits as other crafters, whom I have never met IRL, take the time and effort to think of me and make something beautiful to cheer me up and remind me that, though we have not met, and may never meet in real life. we are REAL FRIENDS!!!
Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts. Thanks to the wonderful creator, on behalf of the group, of this beautiful card. Since you didn't sign it, I won't give away your name, but I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!
OK- time for my afternoon nap. I'll sleep happy!!!!


Lee said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better......I can actually "hear" it in your post!!! LOL I also feel the way you do......very blessed to met some truly special friends online!!! And my hubby has seen what the support has meant to me and we even took a roadtrip to meet many of them. I treasure those visits and hope to get to meet you someday too IRL!!! I also love those African safaris.....although I tend to forget the start times!! LOL

Gwen said...

I agree! it's a masterpiece! I love that set too!!

Rebekah said...

Beautiful card, what a great group of ladies...wish I could be on there more...

cookingmama said...

WOW! So pretty. The ladies at SCS are awesome.

Sarah's Stampin said...

this is beautiful! You did an amazing job! Great work.

Trish D said...

What a wonderful thing to find in your mailbox :) I have to agree that the internet is a wonderful place - my hubby likes to tease me about my "imaginary friends" but I know they're real!!

Would love to actually meet up at some point - I worked in NE Philly for several years, and my hubby still works there (ah, the joys of driving I-95 daily...)