Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A little fun

Well, it was a good day but now I cannot sleep. So, I am following the WildEarth game drive and checking out friends' blogs. While at Suzanne's blog I came across a couple of fun quizzes. The first is Which is yourDisney alter ego? This one was fun. The results will surprise no one who knows me- Peter Pan! (PP ranked a 75% match- the close seconds were Cinderella and Ariel tied at 69%.)

Then I took the Nerd Test and here are my results:

I am nerdier than 53% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

So, I'm not nearly as nerdy as I could be or even as I thought I'd turn out!

Anyway, the drive is going well, so I think I'll watch a little more- we've seen a baby waterbuck already- and then head off to bed.

Enjoy the quizzes!


Lee said...

How fun!! I'm Peter Pan too!!! These tests are great time-takers when insomnia strikes!! Hope you get some sleep soon!!!

Etha said...

LOL, I scored 89 "high nerd" who knew? is this scary or what!! quick healing for the big cheese :)