Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More news and stuff

Hi! I had a really good day.

Leg is still "sore" but the "pain" is decreasing daily. Saw the doctor- definitely no infection, which is great news. The other test results are not back yet. Hopefully when I see him next week to get the stitches out. I have to start PT at home- which just consists of heel slides to get the durn thing to start bending again. Have to wear the right leg brace for protection from all the crutches pounding, but no brace on the left leg. No back to work til at least after Easter- will review that decision next week also. So, progress is GOOD.

Then after I got home from the doctor's a local TV station called. I had entered one of their website contests and won tickets to see My Fair Lady this Sunday. This is the Cameron Mackintosh production that just ran for two years in the West End in London! So, I'll be crutching down the center aisle of the Academy of Music Sunday night- no matter what it takes I'm going to this!

Then my son came home with a real treat. We ordered pizza for dinner and watched the new Stargate movie just released on direct-to-DVD today. It's totally for fans, so I can see why they didn't bother releasing it to theaters, but we loved it.

If I had to pick three TV series of which I would want to own the complete collections, it would be Magnum, PI, West Wing and Stargate. So, getting a BRAND NEW Stargate was terrific. (And, yes, I am working on those collections.)

Still cannot do any crafting- just too much to get around and get things set up, etc. I do need to get finished with the crochet baby afghan that goes with the card I posted a few days ago. That I think I'll start back on tomorrow- I think I might be able to do more than just stare at the TV while I sit by then.

I've gotten a bunch of new stamps in the mail that I want to try out. I got several Michael Strong cloisonne stamps that I cannot wait to try out- have you seen his stuff on Craft TV Weekly? Then I got a bunch of stuff from Firecracker Designs by Pamela- her new sets Bliss, Birthday Balloons and a bunch of her new custom cutouts. What a great Idea- cutouts that exactly match the stamps for a really neat 3-D effect! From Onyx Xpressions I got the new full sheet Lemon set. They have a new thing where you can get your stamps cut out for you for a small fee- with a sheet this big it was THE way to go! Finally I got my first stamps from a new company, Clear Artistic Stamps, which is designs from artist Belinda Landtroop. Belinda is a sweetheart and a doll. Her stamps came beautifully packaged, with a note from Belinda and a surprise. I got the Hop Into Spring collection and several individual stamps from the Sweetpea Sweetheart Collection. So, once I feel able to get around again, I have LOTS to play with!!!!

OK- I can only sit at this computer for relatively short periods of time so I think I'll just get back in the recliner.Thanks for all your prayers and kind thoughts. I'll be back to my usual self in a short time, so watch out!


Lee said...

So glad to hear the mostly good news so far!!! I'll keep sending hugs and prayers!! And WOW!! Sounds like you've got lots of fun craftin' time ahead!! Can't wait to see what you make!!

Cathrine StClair said...

Wait - there is a Stargate movie?? No Way!! I LOVE stargate, its one of my favs. I was so bummed when they stopped making new episodes (I'm afraid to take the nerd test). I need to go find it!

So glad you are doing well.