Monday, March 10, 2008

A few more details

Well, I'm feeling better today so here's some details.

I am home! Surgery was Thursday but there's no news yet- doctor took a "core sample" for biopsy and other testing. He also drilled 10 pinholes in the bone. Will hopefully get test results tomorrow at the follow-up visit.

I was originally supposed to go home Thursday night but they ended up keeping me til late Friday. Then I was in no shape to come home to a 2 story house so I went to my mother's apartment til last night.

I'm finally starting to feel normal again. Leg hurts but I'm off the heavy duty pain meds. I have to use crutches for everything- I'm not allowed to even lean or step on the leg, so mobility is very limited. So, I'm either here resting the leg on the desk, or in the recliner. I have to keep the leg encased while sitting or sleeping in a big chunk of yellow foam- DH calls it my "big block of cheese" (for West Wing fans).

Thanks for all the kind thoughts!


Lee said...

Ummmmmmmmmmm..........OUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH!!!!!!! I'm sure hoping you get some good results and can heal quickly!!!! Lots of hugs!!!

Cathrine StClair said...

Glad you're home! Hoping for good results...........

Suzanne said...

Good to see you back on line. I will be praying for some good news and information on what this is all about so it can be healed! Take care!

Etha said...

ahhh, the big cheese :)
hopefully the results tell you SOMEthing, anything is better than not knowing what the heck is wrong!
"keep it up" ;)