Monday, January 28, 2008

Pictures from the WE drives!

Having today off has proven a delight! I got on the afternoon(CAT) drive and it was wonderful. A family of elephants was the highlight and they were just so fun to watch.
The big news is that I have learned how to use a software tool to take pictures of what I see on the drives. I'm not very good at it yet, and of course I started out by taking pictures at sunset so they're not very bright, but I DID IT!!! Here is one of the pictures:

So, I've added a new link on the left: my Africam pictures. Hopefully I will get better at it soon and learn to save images of all the wonderful things I see on the drives.


Lee said...

How fun!! Ellies!!! :) I hope to get on a drive soon again....I've really missed them!

Suzanne said...

WOW! It's like being on your own personal safari! What fun. I've never figured out how to get on the rides you talk about. When I go to Africam all I get is the pond! And it's usually the pond with absolutely nothing happening! So I will be checking your pictures to see what I'm missing.

Cel said...

Awesome picture!!!!!!