Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday evening..... traditional time to post.

What a weekend!!! It has been wonderful! Friday we finished exams at school and I worked til late afternoon to get most of my grading work done. I finished up after SATs Saturday morning, so the rest of the weekend was mine!

Friday night a faculty member from DH's school hosted a "sabbatical party" for my DH. It was his last day of regular school until September- very exciting. He will be traveling all around the country, seeing the sights, taking pictures, and keeping a blog. I am totally jealous, but also totally thrilled for him- he has been talking about this kind of trip (minus the blog, lol) for the 31+ years I have known him. Nice to see a dream come true.

Saturday night was a mini-reunion with some of my high school classmates. I was incredibly blessed in the school I attended and the girls who were in my class. We have maintained a group relationship now for almost 40 years and we still enjoy one another's company so much. We told stories, we reminisced and we mostly laughed- it was a great time.

The big news from WildEarth meant that I got on this morning's drive with no problem- as did all the others from the Africam boards I participate on. When the sound equipment starting acting up they had to stop the drive early. I left the window open, to see and hear the animals around the waterhole, and SURPRISE! The staff did a special night-time drive to test the equipment and we spent some time watching a leopard in a tree, eating. Doesn't sound all that interesting when you read it, but it was amazing to see live!

Other than all that- which made for quite a wonderful weekend!- it was the usual laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the kitchen, etc. Now it is time to go rest up and get ready for Jane Austen on PBS. Hot chocolate and Mansfield Park- sounds like a perfect ending to me!

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Lee said...

Ohhh......I totally forgot about Mansfield Park......I haven't read or seen that one.....I gotta tell dh to tivo it!! And I'm so glad you had a fun reunion!! Girlfriends are the best!! :)