Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quiet Sunday Evening

I'm taking a nice rest after a busy weekend.

Although we are still far from ready for Thanksgiving, we made a lot of progress on re-organizing the house this weekend. A lot of "let's get rid of this" decisions were made and there is WAY more room in the basement and a lot less stuff around here. We still need quite a few more days like this one, but any progress is good.

The grocery shopping for Thursday is pretty much done- just a few last minute things to get. We have a long tradition that my son's friends come here for dessert every year after dinner with their families. I have to make my "famous peach cobbler" which is really easy but they all love. They like it so much that last year I had to make several of them in one day- one of the guys was having a simple back yard reception after his wedding and asked me to make them as a wedding gift! So, the day will be busy with pies and cobbler as well as turkey and all the fixings.

I also spent a bit of time finding a download to burn CDs for a few friends. I was one of the very few people who actually watched Studio 60 last year. It was weak compared to West Wing, and I had trouble with some of the storylines, but I do enjoy Aaron Sorkin's work a lot. I watched West Wing from the beginning, but it was the first season Christmas show that GOT me. (A homeless VietNam vet dies with Tobey's business card in his pocket and it goes from there.) Studio 60 hit it dead on with their one-and-only Christmas show. The show ended with a group of Katrina-displaced New Orleans musicians performing "O Holy Night" and it was magical. I had downloaded the song from the Studio 60/NBC website last year and it plays fine on my computer, but I discovered that when I tried to burn a copy, it didn't work right. After more than an hour of searching, I finally found a place that still has the song available for download.

If you saw/heard it last year and wished you had gotten a copy, or if you are just interested in one of the most beautiful versions of this wonderful hymn you will ever hear, check it out here:

This is now my all-time favorite Christmas song. It is just gorgeous. While downloading, and burning, and then checking to see that each of the newly-burned CDs worked properly today, I probably listened to it about a dozen times and just never got tired of hearing it.

Oh, and for those of you interested in intellectual property/copyright issues, NBC did post this for free download/usage so no laws were broken in the making of the CDs.

Time to go iron my clothes for tomorrow, check that my schoolbag is ready to go, then relax with a snack and one TV show before bed.


Etha said...

Picking up my organic turkeys tomorrow, and there will be nobody to eat it!! DH suddenly decided he just does not like turkey anymore :( So I will invite the kids while he is at work and then get creative with using the leftovers LOL...
Glad you are getting ahead with your sorting and stuff, I need some fairies to help me with the garage, it barely has enough room for the cars!

Lee said...

Okay..........first of all....if you're okay with it, I'd LOVE your Peach Cobbler recipe!!!! :) And I enjoy burning my own CDs too!!

mimihas5 said...

I also watch Studio 60 and your right they did nail it with thier Christmas segmant. I love that show!

As for peach cobler. I have never had it but I love peaches and certainly would love some of your peach cobler. :)

I am enjoying your blog.