Monday, November 19, 2007

It's been a good day!

Well, at least mostly. As long as we don't talk about the grades on the physics tests I just gave......

The weather was thoroughly miserable here today- cold, damp, rainy, just YUCK! It is Monday- the kids just did not want to be in school. But, as the day went on, things got better.
First there was a visit from one of my former students, now a freshman at Yale. It was wonderful to talk to him, to hear how much he is enjoying the experience, and to listen to how much he has grown already through the experience.
I run "CraftClub" at school- an after school activity during which a group of students, mostly girls, take over and totally trash my lab, in the process of "creating". After every meeting there are scraps of paper, and loose little blue squares, and forgot-to-be-put-away scissors etc, everywhere you look in the Physics lab. It's pretty funny actually, if you don't mind the mess, which I don't.
Today was a regular Craft Club meeting but with a special purpose. The kids have decided to make Christmas cards to sell, in order to raise money for other kids to be able to afford to participate in our school's annual Appalchia project. Similar to Habitat for Humanity, our school sends a group of students and faculty to southwestern Virgina each year to do building work in a very poor community.

These are cards I made as models or templates to give the kids an idea to follow when making their cards.

Tomorrow, or soon, I will post examples of the ones that the kids have started making. They have finished about 25 cards so far, and plan to make a LOT more. I can't post them now as the blogger uploader just went goofy again.
Anyway, the school day ended with a lot of fun and laughs and some nice work by the girls today. After that I had to set up the lab for an experiment for 1st period tomorrow, so I got home very late.
While browsing one of the many forums, boards, etc that I read on a regular basis on the Internet, someone posted about a special coupon for a Dell laptop computer. I have been looking for a really good price on a laptop as I hope that maybe, just maybe, it will work for me at school. Well, this was most definitely a REALLY, FOR SURE, very good price! So, in a few days I will be the very happy owner of a new ( my first!) laptop!
Time to go get clothes ready for the morning, make sure my schoolbag is properly packed, charge the cell phone- all that boring stuff. Tomorrow will be another day of visits from former students and I am really looking forward to that. I'm definitely in the "giving thanks" spirit!


Sarah's Stampin said...

These cards are beautiful! Great job, TFS!

Lee said...

I love those cards!! And what an awesome project and cause!!!