Tuesday, December 10, 2013

White Advent

This is a picture from one of the news channels of a street near downtown Philadelphia this morning.

It has not been a good couple of days for Philadelphia weather forecasters. Sunday we were supposed to get "a coating to an inch in the northern and western suburbs". It started 3 hours earlier than they predicted and lasted longer. We got 8" in parts of Philadelphia, and up to a foot of snow in several areas within a 25 mile radius of center city, including south and east. In fact, particularly south, as most of Delaware got clobbered. Today we were prepared for 4-6", most schools and even some colleges and universities were closed, people were encouraged to stay home if possible, etc. Guess what? We got about 3", the main roads were clear throughout, and even our little one way streets were clear by 1:00. Now, I am NOT complaining!!! I am always on the side of "stay home in snow unless you are a policeman, fireman, hospital worker," etc. there are not a lot of people who "need" to go to work in bad weather, just a lot of companies and businesses that make employees come in because business must go on. Actually, no it doesn't need to go on, but, that is current, stupid society. 

We did get a few smiles today watching the Weather Channel. Poor Jim Cantore. He has gotten such a reputation over the years for being in the places where things are the worst, that I have frequently heard "if Jim Cantore is in your town, you need to leave". Well, if you missed it, Cantore was in Baltimore today, where it hardly snowed, and the temperature stayed high enough that it melted as soon as it hit the roads. TWC would go back to him every so often, and he'd be standing there, trying to find something to talk about. Another thing you sometimes here said about Cantore is that he gets to travel all over the country. It never actually gets to see or visit anything, because if he is there, it is usually likely that everything is closed. Today, he made a half-joke about going to the Aquarium in Baltimore since there wasn't anything to report. I hope he did!

The good news is that Advent advances and our preparations for Christmas with it. Today I am washing all the lace and sheer curtains from the first floor, putting snowflake clings on the windows, and hopefully, hanging wreaths and putting in window candles. So, one step closer to decorated. Christmas is coming quickly, but we will be ready! (Maybe, lol!!!)

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