Saturday, December 7, 2013

A long and pretty useless week.

So, somewhere, I caught another cold. Spent basically the whole week either in bed or the recliner and accomplished very little. I did a little bit of online Christmas shopping, and worked a few rows more on my current crochet project, but that's about it. Next week is another round with doctors and dentists. Yeah, that's plural on the dentists- I now need a dentist, a periodontist and an endodontist. Have I mentioned before that I hate my teeth?

In the "missed" column are both the Cardinal Dougherty Christmas party and the Delco Flybabies Coffeefest. Two special groups of people whom I spared my germs. 

I have been having mixed feelings today about the large amount of stuff going around the Internet about Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. I have visited Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial twice and it is a somber and amazing experience. I agree that the men and women who died that day should always be remembered and honored. It is a pivotal, defining moment in our country's history. I only hope that the ubiqitous reminders do not generate a prejudice against the Japanese for the generations far too young to remember 1941.

Our television watching is currently dominated by what my DH and DS have termed "Christmas Beatdown Movies"- so titled because they beat you over the head with love and the spirit of Christmas. One thing we have determined- Larry Levinson is in some way responsible for at least half of the CBMs available. Hallmark Channel was originally our primary source for CBMs, but there are also some, of a different quality and tone but still ok, available on Lifetime. Yesterday we discovered the UP channel, and they seem to offer more serious CBMs with a higher caliber of story and acting. 

We enjoy figuring out where the plots came from. There is a "Groundhog Day" CBM, many versions of "it's a wonderful life", a "Mannequin" CBM, actually we've already seen 2 of them. They all include a predictable cast and an even more predictable plot, but if the actors and/or the writing are decent, then they are enjoyable. There appear to be certain actors for whom CBMs are their primary incomes- they do at least one every year. So, a common question as we watch is "what else was he/she in?"

So, that's what I've been doing lately.

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