Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Digital pages- and why I LOVE digi-scrapping

Here are the first 4 pages of the 8 page group I did from pictures of my visit to Notre Dame last summer.

These were all done with Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus. There is a link on my sidebar to the software, and several links to great sites for learning more about it. I love this software!

I spent the weekend last month at the scrapbook retreat weekend doing nothing but digi-scrapping. While everyone else was carrying in tons of stuff- like I usually do- this time all I brought was my laptop. It was SOOO easy packing up after the weekend!!

I'm not giving up my paper scrapbooking....yet! I have a room full of supplies that are for albums I've planned but not gotten to yet. Those will all be done in paper. But all my newest pictures, and the ones I take from now on, will definitely be scrapped digitally. I love the ease, the lack of mess, and mostly the space saving of digital scrapping. This will fit in so well with our downsizing efforts- which are sooooo necessary for when we move to a much smaller house.

The important thing is that I really ENJOY the digi-scrapping. I would not give up something I love just to save space and mess- but when I LOVE doing it AND it has so many advantages- how could I resist???

If you are a scrapper who like his/her computer, you should definitely check out one of the digital scrapbooking programs.

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