Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More digi-pages and some thoughts on the programs

Here's the rest of the digital pages from my trip to Notre Dame last September.

I did these, as I do most of the pages I intend to print for a scrapbook, with Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus. When I very first got it, I had already had Polaroid's My Memories Suite for about 2 weeks.

They are both very good programs. At the beginning I found it harder to manipulate the CM program, but that may just be because I already had used the MMS and was used to it's ways. Now, after a couple months of using them both, I definitely tend to go to the CM program most of the time.

There is, however, one big difference where I turn to the MMS. MMS has a lot more features besides making scrapbooks either by printing pages or ordering photobooks. MMS has significant multi-media options that CM does not.

I can turn any set of photos into a slideshow, with music and/or narration, then burn that to a CD and send it to family or friends. I am currently, very slowly (lol), making a heritage book of all the old OLD pictures I have from my family. When I finish making the individual pages, I will be first burning them to CDs in their basic format, so that everyone in the family can print out the books, or have them printed at Shutterfly or a like site. I will also be making a slideshow of the pages and burning CDs for all my aunts and cousins. This ability to use the scrapbook pages in more ways is a definite plus for the MMS program.

I truly do like the CM better just for pages- I have found it better for my style and my abilities than the MMS. But, I am very glad that I have both. Each has a particular use that I want and need, and I now know I would not be as happy with only one of them.

If you are considering getting into digital scrapbooking, take the time to really investigate and consider what YOUR primary desires from a program are.

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