Saturday, March 20, 2010

Plants and other things

Well, it was another long, killer week. Two 12+ hour days- teacher conferences on Tuesday and Ring Mass on Thursday. That I am too old, or at least that my age plus the fibromyalgia don't do well with that schedule, was proven when I was too sick to go to school on Friday. So, I slept from 11PM Thursday until 3:30 PM Friday and today I am STILL tired! Oh, well- such is life when almost everything is bad news and everyone is having troubles.

One piece of good news is that the two Amaryllis bulbs I bought at the Flower Show are sprouting well, as you can see in the picture above. I am happy about this because I love amaryllis. The three plumeria cuttings I got the same day seem to be OK so far- it's hard to tell until they either sprout or get soft.

The bad news is that the local critters got to my Stargazer Lily and Gladiola bulbs! :( Of the 4 lilies and 3 glads that I potted on the front patio, only 1 Stargazer still survives- the rest were dug up and I presume eaten! Although I have supplied bulbs, unintentionally of course, to the locals before, this is definitely the most greedy they have ever been. I hope my one, remaining, lonely lily gets to grow up!

Today is a Blog Hop for Operation Write Home. This is the first one I have not participated in- just wasn't time to dig everything out to make a card. However, I hope you will check it out! This is SUCH a great organization- come summer and some free time and I will be sending them some more cards- I hope you will also!

Otherwise, it's been pretty depressing. DH's school had major layoffs for next year announced yesterday- so sad to see young people who WANT to be teachers lose their jobs. More bad news for North Catholic, the school my family has been connected with for it's entire 84 year history. Ring Mass for us was really nice, but only about 1/3 of the kids even got rings- who wants a class ring from a closed school? Nothing else positive at my school this week either- just more of the same discouraging, sad and frustrating situation. No wonder I'm tired.

The only ray of sunshine was in fact, just that- MANY rays of sunshine. We've had a glorious few days of spectacular weather that make everyone feel better, even if only for the short times one can be outdoors.

Tonight DH and I are attending a Beef-N-Beer to honor an old friend who died suddenly back in January. That he was younger than us, and in better shape than us, was frightening. Tonight we will be seeing people we haven't seen in years and celebrating a wonderful man's life, so it should be a joyous occasion. I am looking forward to it- I NEED some happy time!

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Suzanne said...

I wish I had some words of wisdom and/or hope for you. Unfortunately all I can offer is hang in there my friend! Somewhere in all the ***t that seems to be going on all over
I have to believe is a rainbow and a new beginning full of promise. I tell myself this everyday and I offer it to you. Take care of yourself and I hope tomorrow is a new day. At least winter is over and it is spring.