Saturday, February 6, 2010

So, where have I been for almost 2 weeks?

I don't think I've ever been away from my blog this long before. The last two weeks have been totally CRAZY busy! So, here's the quick rundown:

Early last week was final exams. We are on block scheduling at my school, so I had to give "end of the course" exams. Writing, printing, giving and grading the exams, along with reading term papers, took up the early part of the week.

Then we had to have our final grades calculated by Thursday morning to report course failures. Since I gave my last exam on Wednesday, that was a TIGHT schedule. I got it done, but was I ever tired!

Thursday also included an important meeting after school- add more time and stress.

Friday started a brand new semester with all new students and a full course load.

Friday afternoon I left for a 4 day retreat with students. It was a wonderful, exhilarating and spiritual experience, but also devastatingly tiring. Got home Monday night and was back at school less than 12 hours later to teach.

Wednesday night was Back-to-School night so that was another 14 hour day.

So, I am tired, Yes, I am STILL tired! However.....

Here is the BEAUTIFUL snowstorm that is bombarding Philadelphia!

I am taking this weekend to recover and recuperate from two very stressful and tiring weeks. I'm going to play on the computer, read a lot, maybe do some stitching (even *that* might be too strenuous, lol!), watch some TV, only cook comfort foods, and generally cocoon!

The above picture was taken at 9AM this morning and it is still snowing now. The snow next to the wall has now grown to meet the snow on top of the wall. I'm taking a few pictures every couple hours and will have a digi-scrap page or two to show off later.

I really hope I can get back on track here. I have missed reading my sidebar blogging friends, I have been out-of-the-loop with my challenges, I've totally missed/skipped my 365 Project and I have done no crafting of any kind. It wouldn't bother me if it kept snowing a LOT longer!

Off now to read some Agatha Christie! Hope you are warm and safe, especially those in this storm. Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!


Lisa L. said...

Have a relaxing weekend. I'm doing the same thing--we got almost a foot of snow here in Ohio.

Shirley said...

Hope you got the rest you needed. I can't believe we got 8 inches here in the southern part of NC.