Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday afternoon musings

I've been on a binge of reading Agatha Christie. She well deserves all the many titles, "Queen of Mysteries", most published/read, etc, that have been given to her. Why? Because her books are so readable and entertaining that they can be read again and again. Everything I've been reading lately, I've read before, some, multiple times. Yet, they are still such a pleasure to read. Great stuff!

I spent a delightful couple hours today wandering around the Internet, getting caught up on all the blogs and sites on my sidebar. I've been too busy, tired, and stressed to do that much since the New Year, and I'm glad I took the time. There were lots of other things I could have and probably should have been doing instead, but, this was good for me.

I am hopeful that many people watched last night's Hope for Haiti Now telethon. The situation there is almost unimaginable and what I saw of the show did a good job of bringing the reality to the attention of those watching. My own charity of choice in this catastrophe is Doctors Without Borders. They were already in Haiti, providing medical care to that severely impoverished country before the earthquake. Now their medical facilities are basically destroyed and both the short term and long term medical needs are overwhelming.

For the stitchers out there, Eileen Bennett has offered a wonderful gesture, the Haitian Relief Sampler Project. She is giving away copies of her "Colonial Band Sampler" to those who donate to Doctors Without Borders. For information on how to get this chart by supporting DWB, check out this page on Aury's blog.

One more reading note: while skipping around the 'net today, I found The Classics Circuit. It's a wonderful group for those interested in reading through and learning about a specific author. They are doing a project of one author a month, with reviews from various members. March is Georgette Heyer month, so I will definitely be participating in that!

My 365 project is going well so far. I take pictures most weekdays and do a scrapbook page from them each weekend. Tomorrow I'll be back with this week's page.

Time to go get ready for the dance at school tonight. It'll be nice to see the kids all dressed up,and fun to spend an evening out with DH.

See you tomorrow!

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Shirley said...

I watched all of it and cried too. It's funny that when I am working disasters I don't have time to cry, but when I'm not there I am a mess. :-) I have donated a bit to all of them. That's what I am loving about texting and the Internet. It's like every penny means that much closer to a dollar. My heart cries for thosse who can't find or bury their dead and lost ones.