Thursday, January 21, 2010

Remember me?

Been away too long! School is deadly depressing, had the stomach "bug" so I didn't get to enjoy the long weekend, and life in general just generally ain't so great right now. Finals next week, lots of papers to read, tests to mark, stuff to do. Retreat next weekend so no rest for the weary. Enough whinging!

Here's a picture of the digitally scrapped page of my pictures from the 365 Project, week 2. So far I am really enjoying searching out something to photograph each day. I am using these early days mostly to document the small details around school- I think I will appreciate these images later.

Other than the 365 Project, there's been neither time nor energy to do anything fun and crafty- no cards, no scrapbooking, no stitching. Once I get home, I am so worn out and depressed that I lack the interest to do much of anything. Last Saturday I went to a favorite cross stitch shop- and bought NOTHING! That is, quite literally, a FIRST! Nothing called to me. That's good in the sense that I already have a stash that could last me 10 years, but, can you imagine?????

On a positive note, I've been meaning to post this since New Year's. I read Robert Hicks' "Widow of the South" last summer and LOVED it. During the long car ride home from Florida we listened to his new book, "A Separate Country" and it is also wonderful. HIGHLY recommend both!

Time to make dinner. Hopefully I'll be back sooner, and more cheerful.

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Shirley said...

When you talked about the cross stitch cashe I laughed. I just went through mine and have one to complete from a long time ago and another I am doing for a wedding....and I just bought more. Sorry you haven't had the interest. I can understand how it must be hard.