Friday, November 6, 2009

The kids are gonna think I'm REALLY cool now!

Sometimes my DS just has these crazy ideas. He decided that since my DH had been at what they tell me was one of Springsteen's first famous concerts (The Main Point in 1973) that we should also be at one of his last famous concerts- Madison Square Garden! Tomorrow Night!!!!

(Although my only trip to the Main Point was to see Dave Van Ronk, also in 1973, I think, I do remember enough to wonder whether the word "concert" applies to that wonderful old place- was it really big enough for a "concert"?) So, yes, I will get a few less (a LOT less?) papers graded this weekend as I will be off to NYC to see The Boss!!!!

The last time I went to a concert, I saw The Supremes in Rock Creek Park in 1969- so concerts are not my usual thing. I speak here, of course, of ROCK concerts- I've been to the Academy of Music and the Mann Center to hear the Philadelphia Orchestra plenty of times. And, I am NOT a music snob, I just never seemed to go to big venue, big name concerts.

All of which changes- tomorrow!!!!

So, what does a 57 year old with a boot-cast on one leg wear to a Springsteen concert?

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Etha said...

to your question:

A SMILE :) is all you need to wear, hehe....