Saturday, October 3, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking Decision

Well, as they used to ask on TV, is this my final answer? YES!

I did literally weeks of research on digital s
crapbooking. Getting past the hype at the websites is NOT easy. I looked for online communities for each software, reviews, examples. I trolled hundreds of blogs and websites to see what others were saying about the various options available. I posted and asked questions. I tried several. I read a LOT.

I got a demo disc from my rep for Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus. GREAT program. Rave reviews everywhere. One problem: CM only allows you to install the software on one (1) computer. I switch back and forth regularly between my home desktop and my laptop. I take the laptop when I travel, when I go on scrapping and crafting weekends, and the laptop is the only computer at the shore. But, I don't use it at home. I called CM and was told I would have to buy the software twice to use it on two (2) computers- and at the price, that was not happening. End of CM research.

I looked briefly at ScrapbookMax but the reviews were not so great.

Then came the foray with Memory Mixer. Great reviews. I ordered it, with a 30 day return option. It is a good program- I found it easy to use as soon as I loaded it. I could be very happy with this as my
program, but I found too little support on the Internet. There are just not enough people out there posting about using MM. I got a lonely feeling using it.

After all that, I finally picked Polaroid's My Memories Suite. I think (hope!) I'm going to love it. It does a ton of stuff- not only pages and books, but CDs, DVDs, all kinds of interactive things that can also include music, video and narration. I found several good support groups, including one at Digital Scrapbook Place. The seemingly wider usage of MMS suits me best. Having several communities of users to interact with will make the learning easier.

I did go through the "couldn't I learn to do this on Photoshop Elements if I really tried?" phase. The answer, of course, is yes, but the "really trying" is just not something I see happening right now. I have
PSE (although the dreaded version 4) and played with it a little bit just to see what I could manage. Here's the result:

I decided to take a royalty-free image I had on my computer and make my own (for giving to others, not for me, lol) Blog Award. Starting with the image, I added a frame (which doesn't show!) and some text. This took me the better part of an hour and a LOT of frustration and led to the answer (re: PSE): yes, I could but I do NOT want to! The dedicated scrapbooking programs may not be as sophisticated as PSE, but my goals are well within the capabilities of these programs and I won't be aggravated!

So, look for some digital scrapbooking to appear here from time to time. Hopefully, soon! (And, watch for my award, appearing soon at a blog near you!)


DancingPrincessDesigns said...

I enjoyed reading your blog this morning! Don Quixote is one of my favorites, and was drawn to your blog for that reason! I look forward to hearing more about your adventures in digital wishes!

Etha said...

Very cool! Can't wait to see what you do with your new software. and no, I could not do digital scrapping with photoshop unless you give me another 200 years to learn it....

Vintage Lady said...

I will check My Memories Suite by Polaroid. The other day I was reading about this sofware. Great link Digital Scrapbook Place.

I will come back often to see how you are enjoying the program! Happy Scrappin'!