Saturday, September 19, 2009

Michelle Zindorf class today!

Project #1.

Project #2

Project #3

I've been crazy busy with the first full week of school, the dentist, hospital tests, etc. I needed the fun we had today- and we had a LOT. Michelle is SOOO talented and really funny and the class was GREAT!!!

PS- these are NOT pictures of the class models- they are scans of *MY* finished cards! Hard to believe!!!


denise said...

These are beautiful! I figured you were busy getting into the swing of things:)
Take care...
dancingly, Denise

Etha said...

wow these are SO gorgeous!! well done :)

Jenny McGee said...

Theresa, These cards are beautiful. Where did you take this class.

Shirley said...

Not hard to believe at all, knowing you! You need to frame these I think! Don't you?