Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wonderful Stitching News

This is a picture of the original Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler chart from Needleprint- a company in Britain that specializes in reproduction charts. Their main focus is on samplers from The Ackworth School- a Quaker school whose students produced beautiful pieces of needlework in the Quaker motif style. There is a long story about Needleprint and BP and Ackworth, but I'll let you read it there, or save it for another day (when I make some progress on my own BP!)

The big news? Needleprint is releasing designs in what it is calling the "Infinity Charts"! You can download the charts, and then, if you wish, you can alter them- change the colors/threads, change the initials to personalize a design, etc. You can print out only the page of the chart that you are working on, and if you spill your tea on the chart page, print out a new copy. You can store your charts on CDs or flashdrives.

Think of the money saved- no more expensive charts due to color printing on heavy paper, no more expensive shipping costs since these come from England, no more re-buying a chart we lose or wreck with use.

I plan to print out pages with only small sections of each chart well divided on the page, and then cut them into smaller, workable pieces. I have the Help-n-hand chart holder and like it a lot but a full page does often bend and get annoying.

Everything about this new idea is terrific! I can only hope that more designers will follow this wonderful example.

BTW- Needleprint is also offering a FREE download of the Mary Wigham Sampler- a beautiful Ackworth sampler. If you haven't tried Quakers yet, this is a wonderful opportunity to get hooked on them.

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Shirley said...

what a great generous offer for the works of a great needlework artist. Thanks for the links too!